Flamenco Fancy

There is something so fun about hot pink… flamenco pink to be exact.  
I’ve seen some fun flamenco prints floating about in the blog-world, and with that inspiration in mind, I took to collecting some of my favorite things in this hue. It’s a fabulous color that would certainly inject some much needed life into… well… everything.  From fashion to art, fun chairs, pillows, and sofas, it’s a very South Beach, I-don’t-take-myself-too-seriously kind of color.  I’m determined now to incorporate this fun shade into my life.
I love these french doors that echo the fun pink in the flamenco framed print… and if you love this print, you can find it here.
How fun are these trousers.  Perfect for spring, and sprucing up an otherwise very simple outfit.  Love the high waist, and love the belt.
Our bathroom is tiled in what I refer to as “pepto bismol pink”… there is literally nothing left to do but embrace it, and I’m thinking that this flamenco print would be a fun thing to add.
This fun roll pillow awakens this formal space, and the greek key trim keeps it modern – not girly.
Now THAT is a pink sofa.  I could not love it more if it tried! 
I’ve always been a fan of the vintage print… and this one is no exception.  Sunny and fun – this would bring a breath of life into our entryway, or even the gallery wall that has finally made its way up in our living room!!
More to come on that…
If I could choose one pair of totally non-practical shoes, these would be the ones… the perfect stiletto heel, pink tassles and an ankle strap.  A party for your feet if you will…
And this fabulous Louis XVI chair – it would make a great DIY with a little fabric paint if you came upon a sad run-town version at a thrift store…

1 thought on “Flamenco Fancy

  1. thought you might want to know: that pink bird in your pictures is a flamingo. Flamenco is a style of Spanish music.


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