Restoration Hardware Iron and Rope Mirror… the DIY version…

Meet my new little friend…

The large round Iron and Rope from Restoration Hardware

He’s rustic and cool and old timey, but welcoming him into your home won’t make you seem like a suspender wearing, fake-old-timey poser… but just a cool collector of rad things…

The problem??

$650 for a mirror???

I think not!

But how easy could this possibly be to replicate??  Sure, those knots are the complicated knots of a skilled sailor, but heck, I’m sure it’s nothing a quick Google search (or help from my father… who is a skilled sailor) can’t fix!

Let’s find some eligible mirrors, eh?

Here are a few contenders… I’m liking both the size and thin rim around the Ikea version – and that could EASILY be painted black.

This is how I see it all coming together…

I’d mount the mirror on the wall (as opposed to appending the rope and using that to hold the mirror’s weight.

Then I’d find some good rustic rope (I’m sure any hardware store supplies it), and tie some ornate knots at each end.

Glue to the sides of the mirror.

Get a largish door knob, and spray paint it black.

Mount the doorknob on the wall where the rope can loop over it… to give the illusion that it’s hanging

And voila!  For a lot less than $650 (and dare I say it… probably quite a bit less than $100) you have a very close substitute for the Restoration Hardware Iron and Rope mirror…

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