Single girl, Obsessed with Weddings

It all started when I was 8.  Well… the fantasy of being a princess began when I was 4, but the real obsession began with a secret page torn out of the pattern books at the fabric store.  From then it snowballed.  How many flower girls would I have? Colors? Pink or pinker? Flowers? Galore!  Poofy sleeves?  The poofier the better!! (hey, it was the ’80’s)

A formal folder that was once reserved for school was started, and into it went clippings from the special spring wedding section in the Sunday paper.  In middle school, I baby-sat for a family whose mom still hung onto her old wedding magazines…… jackpot!  And then… the internet.  We got a computer when I was in high-school, and there were many MANY hours spent searching for dresses.  Rhinestone encrusted, full floaty skirts, tulle, beading, lace, pearls (because that is classy, and elegant) – the more the better.  That was the motto.

My tastes (thank god) have evolved, and now I have a much more modern, streamlined idea of what a dress should be.  Something simple yet unique.  Something interesting and beautiful.  Carefully pleated bodices, body skimming trumpet skirts, ballgowns that float instead of drag.

And it’s more than just the dress… its the day… the magic, the whimsy, the celebration of life and love and this whole picture in my head that becomes more and more built up.

Luckily, I have discovered that there are tons of other bridal obsessed woman out there, and that I am not alone.  That I can be single, and be totally in love with the idea of my one-day marriage without freaking my boyfriend out.  I will get married one day, and then there will be no wedding for me to look forward to.  So for now, I do not feel bad at all, and thank god Kris laughs at my wedding magazines.  Yes, I have found one that accepts my crazy, still loves me, and tells me I’m his nut… and so, I can continue to day-dream…

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