DNA = Art?

Who knew?!

This super smart international company, DNA11, has taken DNA (super impersonal) and made it into art (EXTREMELY personal).  You can literally send in a sample of your own DNA and have a custom piece of art made out of it – I love that every single piece they produce is one of a kind since its made of you… or your family… or your dog!  Über modern, and usually, I’d say that is not at all my taste, but the black and white makes it more abstract, and actually kind of cool!  I think I also just like the idea that my genetics is made into something visual… that is so futeristic.

Apparently the guys that started this company are smarty pants (and not at all bad looking!)  I should tell Kira…  anyways, one has his degree in molecular genetics, and the other… just looks pretty?  I’m not fully sure, but they certainly have one successful business!  Recently, they’ve been featured on Wired, New York Times, NBC, Today Show, BBC, and the list goes on!  

LOVE it!!

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