So I am pretty obsessed with weddings in general, and I have a very specific image of what I envision my mother wearing as I walk down the aisle.  While the hours I’ve spent daydreaming are rather embarrassing to admit, I stumbled across this dress on Nordstrom’s site while getting in early on the hot NYE dresses, and couldn’t resist posting it.

My mom is the ultimate lady – I think my sister and I have inherited her most prissy, lady-like qualities which is why I was always the last one picked for any group sport in school, and why I am so meticulous about my own clothing.  There are certain stories that stand out in my mind about her, and one of the ones we heard over and over as little girls, was about how her mother (our grandmother) would put her on the train in the summers to send her back to stay with her cousins in New Mexico.  Because it was the 1950’s, and travel was expensive and “fancy”, my mom would get dressed in her party dress, tights, mary-janes, and little white gloves to make the journey. She’d get off the train, greeted by her cousins who were dirty, shoeless, and fresh off the farm, and they’d tease her for being the miss priss from the big city.

To think of that scene makes me smile, and I always envision my mother as this woman who can do anything and everything flawlessly.  The perfect housewife, the ultra mom, the gourmet cook, and master entertainer, who can make a party out of a bottle of wine and some dried pasta.

This dress is the ultimate dress for the ultimate “lady”.  The graceful back, full skirt, and boat neck on this dress are so lovely – it’s so perfect… I almost want to buy it right now for my “someday” wedding!

This dress is also super lady-like.  It totally reminds me of the dress Diane Lane wears in “Under the Tuscan Sun” – a personal all time favorite… and super pretty and classic.

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