We Made It!!

This past weekend was utterly exhausting – I unfortunately have been battling my first cold of the season, and perhaps it’s in my head, but the aches and pains have become noticeably more acute each year.  Regardless, I powered through, and after 3 full days of packing, lifting, lugging, and transporting, everything we own is now in the new place!  Last night marked a new beginning for me – it was the first night since we’ve moved in that I’ve slept the entire night all the way through, and it felt great.  Today I am making a conscious effort to cancel all events for the remainder of the week so I can focus on nesting at home and getting things in order.  I know this grace period of not minding the clutter will be gone before I know it, so I had better get a handle on organizing it all early.

It is AMAZING how much stuff two people can accumulate.  I spent all of Friday going through my stuff with my mom – she was so sweet and spent her day off helping me pack up my life… the things mom’s do!  We sorted through clothes I no longer wear (or no longer fit, eeks) tossed old things I’ve been hanging on to, and organized room after room.  Right now, the trunk of my car is filled to the brim with garbage bags, stuffed with clothes to give away.  From a glance, it looks like I’m some mob queen with bodies ready for dumping. Ha!  Saturday the movers took care of the big stuff, and on Sunday Kris and I went through his stuff – much more fun to toss his things out than mine, but it was so therapeutic   Getting rid of so much stuff, really gave us the feeling that we were starting fresh together.

The weather has taken a turn, and our San Francisco summer is just a memory now.  The air has a chill in it that I have not felt in a year, the leaves have changed overnight, and we need an extra blanket on the bed.  The new apartment is wonderful – it’s still packed to the brim, and I am trying to find a home for everything.  This takes a bit of strategy since closet space is limited, and my shoe collection has ballooned over the past several years.  Luckily, the boxes and clutter have not gotten to me yet, so while the new place is a huge mess, I am unfazed (for now).  Ask me in a week, and I will be going out of my mind that we are still not settled.

With the change in weather and the new apartment, it feels that with the new season is a new part of my life.  Shedding the old, and moving forward with the new.  It’s exciting, and scary, and weird, yet so normal to wake up with the love of my life in our new home together.

I found these super cool photos of San Francisco covered in fog – while the weekend was rainy and today is crisp and clear, these shots are so cool, and sooo San Francisco.

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