Have a Laugh: Shit Girls Say

I don’t consider myself to be a YouTube troller, spending hours watching and laughing at viral videos, but most recently, I (along with thousands of other people) have discovered the series “Shit Girls Say.”

My co-worker passed me the link, and said “I know you don’t usually watch the things I send you, but WATCH THIS.”  It was the combination of her calling me out, along with her insistance that I watch the video, that I clicked on the link, and trust me, I am SO GLAD that I did.  I have now watched episode I at least 27 times, and this week, episode II came out.

WATCH THESE – you will thank me later!


Can you do me a huge favor?  Could you not do that please?  Twinsies!  Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen… SHUT UP!  I’m not even joking right now!


Do you want to split a cookie?  I kind of want a hot dog!  Can you do me a favor? Is that a Mojito?!  So Good right?!  That poor dog needs water! I can’t believe I ate all that!

And… as an answer to this, there is another separate series that has spun off, “Shit black girls Say.”  Equally hilarious – enjoy!

DELETE!  Ohh turn it up, that’s my JAM!  She is CRAZY! It is so hot in here! Bitch!

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