Valentines Gifts for Her

Kissing Birds necklace – it’s as charming as it is lovely, and at $42, its extremely affordable!
LOVE this

What girl doesn’t love flowers – whether it’s sent to her at work, or brought home at the end of the day, think outside the box of the standard dozen red roses.  I hate red roses.  The show The Bachelor completely ruined red roses for me forever, so now I see a red rose and think, “Cliche!” “Tacky!” “Standard!” White flowers are timeless and classic, and a tulip is much less common than a rose.  Teleflora delivers nationally, but my recommendation would be to find a local florist – you will get a better quality arrangement for your money.  Some other less thought of blooms to surprise her with?  White Orchids, White Peonies, and White Lillies (Stargazer or Calla).



Surprise her with a weekend getaway – whether you live a few hours from the seaside, the mountains, or the wine country, look into making reservations at a cute bed and breakfast that caters to couples without children.  If you have kids, book a baby-sitter well in advance, or bribe the grandparents into watching the babes over night.  Pop some bubbly, book spa appointments, have a hotel room picnic with cheese and chocolate in front of the gas fireplace!

It’s small, it’s sweet, and it shows that you put time and thought into telling your sweetheart that you love them.   I always find the cards at the drugstore so cheesy.  They usually involve too much glitter and a photograph of two wine glasses, two hearts, or two small children holding hands, and you KNOW that one million other people are getting that same card.  Skip it, and save yourself the $3.50 – Martha Stewart has some fun tutorials on pop out cards, or if you are really feeling creative, get some thick gorgeous linen paper (you can get this at Staples or another business supply store), and make a cool potato stamp.  Make a heart, kissing lips, or an X and and O.  Use red paint on creme colored paper, keep it simple, and you will come out on top.

Potato Stamp Tutorial via

If you live in a rural or small town, this could be tricky, but for most people within an hour of a large city, this is simple, intimate, and fun!  Have a chef come to your home with the fixings to make a fabulous dinner.  Not only do you not have to worry about finding all the fancy ingredients on your own, but you get to learn – hands on – how the pro’s sear a steak, or make homemade pasta.  A lot of these places let you choose the type of cuisine you want to make, and some even let you hand pick the dishes!  No fussy dinner, no overpriced menu – just good food, good company, and an opportunity to surprise yourself!  And guess who will be able to make Beef Bourguignon for the next anniversary? 🙂

Light some candles in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen.  Draw her a bath, or set up a small table for two in the living room.  The secret to a romantic night in, is doing things you wouldn’t do on a normal night.  Make it a rule to keep the TV off, the lights low, and candles going.  Even if it’s Chinese takeout on the menu, use the good dishes, and think outside the box.

Where have you both been dying to go?  Is it a long weekend in Mexico, or a lavish vacation in Bali?  Has she been dying to visit her family across the country, or visit her best friend one state over?  Plan a few months ahead, and buy two plane tickets to make it happen.  Booking in advance minimizes the risk that she won’t be able to get the time off, will have conflicting plans, etc.  With the tickets booked, you two can plan the rest of the trip together, and have something fun to look forward to.

If you aren’t married but have talked about it, you know it’s going to be on her mind, but if you really want to surprise her, pop the question the day after when her guard is down.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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