Happy Weekend!

Balloons just make me happy
It’s Friday afternoon, and this weekend is going to be awesome – I can just feel it!  This afternoon, we are having our very belated office x-mas party.  We are going to be doing a walking tour of Northbeach, complete with restaurant tours and tastings, bar “tastings” and I’m sure a canolli or two snuck in there somewhere.  More updates on this next week!

Tomorrow, I am taking my best friend Taryn out for a much anticipated birthday celebration.  I haven’t seen her since last summer since we live several hours apart, and I cannot wait to see her lovely face.

Also on the itinerary this weekend, I will be wrapping up the bedroom furniture.  I am in the home stretch now since the hard part is done.  I’ve completed several rounds of spackling and sanding the drawers, so the fronts are perfectly smooth.  I just need to wipe them down, and prep for paint!

After a very long week, there is a collective sigh of relief in the office! Have a happy weekend!

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