Lady Like Elegance: Splurge vs. Save

I’ve been spending more and more time on Polyvore, and find myself totally drawn to the super expensive designer shoes, handbags, and clothing.  Obviously, its easy to make fabulous outfits out of Valentino, Gucci, and Manolo, but I’ve decided that for every FABULOUS designer outfit I put together for inspiration, I match it with the budget version that normal people can actually afford.

The first installment is the ultra lady-like outfit.  Peplum screams “I’m a lady” since it nips in the waist, and flatters the natural curve of a woman’s body (or enhances if its you are lacking in the curve department).  The Splurge version of this outfit will cost upwards of $20,000.  Crazy right?  Unfortunately that Chanel bag’s price isn’t listed, but its at least $10K.  At least.


The Dream - Lady Like Elegance

Mulberry beige shirt, $600
Valentino gauze skirt, £747
Christian louboutin shoes, $625
Chanel quilted handbag
Marco Bicego gold engraved jewelry, $5,610
Forzieri gold earrings, $1,194
Cartier jewelry, 1,572 CAD

Now take a look at the “Save” version of this same look.  Still cute, still lady-like, but a heck of a lot more affordable!  From head to toe, this is $400 – $500.


Look for Less - Lady Like Elegance

Peplum top, $17
Paul Costelloe knee length pencil skirt, £39
MICHAEL Michael Kors studded heels, $120
Python handbag, $89
Majorica south sea pearl earrings, $75
Jon Richard chunky jewelry, £40
Banana republic jewelry, $50

Obviously a lot of us have the staples to this look – you could substitute the pearls for CZ studs, or grab that cute black clutch you use out on the town.  I love playing around with looks, because maybe it’s just the peplum top you are looking for, to pair with your own pencil skirt and sky high heels, or maybe you’ve got a great peplum top, but have been looking for something to wear it with.  I look in my own closet and there is never anything to wear!  Now, I can look to the designers who know what they are doing, and model looks after the runway!

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