Engagement Ring Guide: "Virtually" find the one for you!

For all you engagement ring junkies out there, this is your lucky day!  I just discovered the most amazing invention since sliced bread.  Tacori has just released an augmented reality “Try it On” feature on their site, where you can virtually try on the most gorgeous engagement rings.  Um, YES PLEASE!

I am by no means the most technologically savvy person, so trust me when I say, it’s so easy!!

            Step 1.  Print out the funky paper ring – this will serve as the marker for your webcam

            Step 2.  Download software here

            Step 3.  Cut out paper ring, and secure it around your finger

            Step 4.  Hold up marker to webcam and prepare to be dazzled

Play around – print out a few pics for your wish list, send it to your mom (definitely going to do that later), or leave them around the house for your honey-bear to find…

I’m not sure which was my favorite… I loved them all!

Clearly, it’s been a SUPER hectic day at the office 😉  Don’t judge!

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