Birthday Traditions

Birthday cupcake :)
It’s so funny how everyone has different birthday traditions.  When we were little, there were things we’d do every single year that made that one day “special.”  My sister and I would make a point to wake up earlier than the other, pounce on the birthday girl’s bed, and administer the birthday spankings.  I laugh now – everyone I tell thinks it’s so weird, but that’s what we did!  We’d bring cupcakes to our class, get special birthday privileges at school, and we got to choose whatever we wanted to have for dinner.  Mine was always tacos.  My sister would always choose lasagna.

As an adult, a lot of that fades, but my new birthday tradition is to be sure that I take the day off work to pamper myself.  I want to be sure not to bring home the stress of the job, so that that one day doesn’t feel like any other work day.  I’m pretty sure that telling my clients to stop complaining because it’s my birthday is not going to fly… so today, to kick 28 off right, I am treating myself to a full fat caramel latte, heading to Dry Bar for a fabulous birthday blow-out, and then navigating downtown for some retail therapy.

I can’t wait!

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