A Jaunt Through Provence: Fashion Inspiration

I recently posted about my fashion inspiration for a trip to Paris, and as I get the itch to get out of the country, I’ve gone beyond Paris, to daydreams of Provence.  Exploring old towns, biking through the countryside, and drinking wine at the local wine bar, bistro, or restaurant.

Hope you enjoy a few of my inspirations for a Jaunt through Provence.

1. Full Skirted and Feminine

Provence I

Perfect for meandering through fields of lavender, or touring the local wineries, castles, and chateaus.  Look for full skirted patterns with a sweet floral print – perfect for summertime, and perfect for the country.  As a side note, my sister and her husband spent their honeymoon last summer touring France (along with Belgium & London) and as a word of caution, the wine tasting in Provence (specifically the Loire Valley) is not at all like it is here – the doors to the winemakers homes are closed, so be prepared to walk up, knock on the door, and make conversation before tasting!

2. Figure Forgiving Floaty Fabrics

Provence II

Like the alliteration on this one?? Ha!

I love the idea of lazy days in the country, riding bikes, daily picnics, and many MANY naps under shady trees.  Floaty fabrics, and forgiving silhouettes are a must in order to accommodate all the cheese and baguettes you will inevitably be consuming.  Stick with a palette that can be mixed together – I’m still loving variations of coral and aqua – here its apricot and mint.  Stripes have to make their way in here one way or another, and neutral flats and fun sunnies cap things off.

3. Bistro People Watching + Dinner

While people watching, sipping a cold white wine, and eating your daily steak and frites at the local Bistro, you’ll still want to be chic!  I’d go for fun prints, and colors that will glow by candlelight as dusk turns to dark.  Dress it up from basic flats to kitten heels – still friendly for evening strolls back to the hotel, but a bit more dressy for the evening.

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