Happy Weekend!


I am seriously considering buying this poster and having it framed just because I love it so much!  When my sister and I were younger, our family vacation would not be complete until we’d jumped into a pool, ocean, or lake of glacial temperatures.  Mainly just to see if one of us would chicken out, but if one went in, both had to go in – ALL THE WAY.

This weekend is Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, and for those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a marathon that has turned into one big party.  Almost no one runs, but everyone dresses up in costume parade around the city.  I’ve been saying for months that I was not going to do it again this year, but my best friend, Kira – god love her – has somehow talked me into going.  Her childlike enthusiasm in life is infectious, and I just can’t say no to her… and so, we will be going – as Batman and Robin no less.

Anyways, I had been such a grandma, INSISTING that I was not going to do B2B this year, but on Wednesday I was thinking, and decided that since I’ll only be young once, i need to go for it.  A few years from now, I’ll be juggling babies and real adult responsibilities – most likely wishing I’d done it just one more year.   So… tomorrow I’ll be “jumping in ALL THE WAY” – at 6am.  Wish me luck!!

To all, have a happy, and safe weekend, and do at least one thing just for fun.

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