Happy Weekend!!


This photo is how I feel right now – its almost the weekend, and I am so beyond ready!  The weather in the bay area is going to be hot – in SF it will be in the 80’s and anywhere outside of the city will be close to 100 degrees!  Just how I like it.

Tonight, I plan on relaxing – maybe a glass of wine and a movie with my honey, but the rest of the weekend will be spent down on the peninsula – Saturday we are headed down to Atherton for a pool party with Kris’ buddies.  I can’t wait to soak up the sun (a few margaritas) and the smell of the BBQ.  Sunday, I will be with my dad for Father’s day – we’ll be headed out on the bay for a day of sailing, which means some beer, sandwiches, and wind in my hair.

I can’t wait.

Have a lovely weekend!!

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