ASOS… it’s Love

Has anyone else ever heard of ASOS?  They are the UK’s largest online fashion and beauty property – they’ve got editorial style look books, along with clothing for sale.  Anyway, I’ve been recently introduced to this site, and it’s amazing!  The best way for me to describe it… it’s as if Zara and Forever21 had a baby.  Yes… it’s THAT good.

This week, one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard from Cup of Joe  featured a discount code (ACUPOFJOE20) for a full 20% off full priced items.  Amazeballs!

Obviously I had to investigate, however a word to the wise… the British Pound is WAY more than the US dollar, so be careful!!

Now, on to a few of my favorites…

ASOS Full Skirt in Shimmer Fabric
Yeah, um look at the exposed zipper.  This is such a feminine silhouette with the full skirt, the inverted pleats, and the shimmery, crinkly fabric, but that zipper takes it to a new level of modern…. SOOOO LOVE 

Lipsy Sequin Bust Peplum Dress

The sequin detailing and the peplum is sooo awesome, and the mint keeps this dress fresh.  It’s feminine, but edgy at the same time.  I also reallllyyyy love how there is a gap in the sweetheart neckline. How do those Brits make it possible?!

Aqua Vapor Low Front Dress


So sexy, in the front AND the back.  The fabric says “business” but the exposed skin says otherwise.  And that sweet peach belt?? Perfection. LOVE LOVE LOOVEEEE.

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