Sleepless in Seattle

Hello there, and Happy Weekend again!!  I’ve been traveling this week for work, and have been trotting around the fabulous town of Seattle.  I’ve been told it’s all doom and gloom, drizzle, and frizzy hair, but every time I am there, it’s sunny, warm, and beautiful!

I actually love traveling for work – it’s like a mini vacation, and it’s free! (Love that)!

Unfortunately for me, I flew in on the same day as Obama – this meant delays at the airport, and gridlock traffic once we finally arrived in Seattle.  I swear, you’d think you were on the 405 in LA at rush hour on a Friday!

After we made it to the office, it was pretty much time to pack it up, and head to the baseball game – Mariners vs. Yankees.  If it’s not my SF Giant’s playing, I could really care less, but I happen to hate the Yankees, so I spent most of the time when I wasn’t stuffing my face with hot-dogs and nachos rooting against NY.

Another fun fact – I’ve never been to a baseball game at any other stadium than San Francisco’s AT&T Park (the one with the big coke bottle slide?)  Anyhoo, the stadium itself was fine, but the suite where we got to watch the game (on the company card of course) was nothing short of amazing!  The food paled in comparison to that of SF, but the chairs were cushy recliner-esque roller chairs.  Not sure that description does them justice, but take my word that they were baller.

In the end, Yankees lost (holllaaaaa) – gotta love a good underdog win!

This city reminds me a bit of San Francisco in some ways – lots of water, great restaurants, and really cute neighborhoods.  Our office is in Queen Anne, and it seems that no matter where I wandered, the Space Needle was never far away.

Alas, I returned to San Francisco and it’s cold and foggy.  Awesome.

As if on queue, as I switched on the TV last night, guess what was on… Sleepless in Seattle.  Oh yeah!  You can bet your buttons I watched it and cried.  Seattle, I miss you already!

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