Lions and Tigers and Bears… and Zebras??

Rugs USA is having a big 50% of blowout sale this weekend, and I’m seriously considering getting this zebra print rug for the bedroom.  It’s an amazing deal, and I don’t know if I have the strength to resist.  I know what Kris’ reaction will be… Um… animal print?? Really Becky??  But I think I may do it anyway…
Am I going crazy, or is this rug awesome?? (Answer: It’s awesome)

Ive seen several rooms where zebra is used as a neutral and I love it!  Look at it in this living room!
love this room- teal, lime and grey.  love the subtle grey zebra rug and the teal behind the bookshelves
June and Bear

And here again!!  I think I’m not crazy… and I think I might just end up with a rug on it’s way in the very near future…
Grey Zebra rug + yellow accents + original artwork

I’m also loving this pale blue chevron printed rug….

This modern damask rug…

The awesome Flokati Rug I mentioned before
And the sky blue moroccan trellis rug…

Oh I have some serious decisions to make!  The discount code for 50% off your RUGSUSA order through Monday is Private50!  Happy shopping!

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