Bedroom Curtains: Silk vs. Linen

I am making a bit of headway on the bedroom, and have hung some new curtains!!  The problem is that I am now having a hard time deciding which ones to keep.  Overall, I want to go for something lighter, that won’t make the room feel smaller, darker, etc.

In advance, please excuse the poor iPhone pictures taken at night. 

Option I: Silk Dupioni Panels: 
These are a really pretty creme color, have a nice sheen, and dress things up a bit.  I also love that they are lined (to keep the room extra dark when we are sleeping).  I don’t like that they are the exact same curtains we have for the living room – I was hoping to mix it up a bit…

Option II: Linen Panels:
These are definitely more casual, and give the room a more earthy, natural feeling.  These curtains are unlined, which is great on the one hand, becuase they let in quite a bit of light.  Unfortunately, being unlined means that they let in unwanted light at night when I am trying to sleep, and the neighbors have their lights on at 3am.  The other con to the linen is that they are more of a buckwheat color, so they blend in with the walls.

Looking at these pictures side by side, I realize what an unfair comparison it is, becuase truth be told, I really do love the linen drapes.  I just have a feeling that the silk will be more practical… and they are so luscious and pretty.  Well, perhaps my mind is already made up!

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