Wedding Weekend

Such a fun weekend – it’s Tuesday, and it’s still hard to come back to reality…

On Saturday, Kris and I got gussied up for a wedding in Napa – my friends got married at V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, and I was extra stoked to go, because this place holds a special place in my heart.  Growing up, we’d head to Clear Lake evry summer with our family friends, and Napa was the half-way point where we’d stop for a picnic lunch on the lawns of V. Sattui.  We’d shop the amazing market for cheeses, bread, and assorted charcuterie, and then run around on the lawn while our parents drank wine and did boring adult stuff.

Back then, this place was quiet and charming, but with the popularity of Napa, it has become an absolute zoo on the weekends!  It was amazing to be there when the winery closed to the public.  During the reception, Kris and I snuck out to take a quiet walk around the grounds where my family and I had picnicked for so many summers.

Yep, I’m the sweet little (bald) baby in my mom’s arms 🙂  The crazy thing is, she isn’t much older here than I am now!  Eeps!

A Few Years Ago:

For my mama’s birthday several years ago…


Doesn’t Kris look so handsome in his suit??  He cleans up well I tell you…  Please ignore my hair that had begun to frizz at this point.  I was expecting weather in the 80 degree range, but arrived at 5pm to 95 degrees.  It was sweltering during the ceremony where we sat in the sun…  my hair did not survive!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any full length pics of us at the wedding, but snapped this one before we went out the door!  I LOOOOVEEEEE the full skirt, which involved plenty of itchy tulle to give it the perfect pouf.  Next to it, you can see my hair while it was still intact… such high hopes for frizz free waves!!


And the happy couple saying “I Do”

And the show stopping florals…

Anyway, the wedding was absolutely beautiful – the bride and groom were both so happy, the food was amazing, and dance floor was fairly epic.

So much fun!!

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