Decor Trends from Blogland: Casters

Is anyone else as fascinated as I am about the concept of casters in the home?  They have become big-time trendy on nearly all the home decor blogs I follow.  To be honest, I was not a fan at first.  They are industrial, so can come off looking clunky and out of place on some pieces, this is a look that has grown on me over time, and at the risk of being a total follower here, I think I’m jumping on the caster bandwagon!!  Here are some of my favorite looks, where castors are cool, unique additions to the furniture.

This table is rustic and industrial – a huge look in the 2012 – 2013 Restoration Hardware catalog.  Obviously, in this lofted space, this farmhouse meets factory table is perfection – it would be all wrong (not to mention way too large) for our apartment, but I love it!
Marshall Matlock

One of my favorite DIY bloggers featured casters a while back, and this is another look I love.  Wouldn’t this rolling shelf be awesome in a kitchen?  It would look awesome as an open pantry (an organized pantry that is) or even as a bookshelf in a casual living room.
Centsational Girl

Not a lot of homes could pull this off, but the rolling doors remind me of a barn – in the best way possible of course.  Country living featured these in a North Carolina home, and I think it fits perfectly with the laid back vibe (guitar casually leaned against the wall???).
casters and pipe
Country Living

A traditional looking Toile armchair gets an update with these casters – I think the look works mainly because they used small casters – anything larger would like mismatched – and who doesn’t love a chair that easily rolls around?!
toile and casters
Inspired Design

Could I really feature casters and leave out Restoration Hardware??  Obviously not!  This bookshelf is so cool with it’s reclaimed wood (probably not really reclaimed) and pipe framework.  This masculine piece would be great in an office, a man cave, or even a bathroom.  Can’t you just picture some fluffy white towels and clear jars of cotton balls on there??
bookcase on casters
Restoration Hardware

I imagine this slatted coffee table in a bright sun room – perfect for the herbs growing there.  In this case, the large casters don’t bother me because they blend in with the dark rug – with a lighter floor, I’m not sure I’d love this table, but since it looks like it was wheeled in from the garden, I think it works.
My Ideal Home

3 thoughts on “Decor Trends from Blogland: Casters

  1. I actually just bought a great chair from Crate and Barrel with casters, but I started out the same way – a little wary about the idea of casters on a “nice” piece of furniture!

    Love your blog!


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