Tory Love

Are there any items that you’ve lusted after, and every time you see someone else with it, you get a pang of jealousy?  Well for me it’s the Tory Burch black clutch with gold medallion detail.  I’ve agonized over it in the store more times than I’d like to admit, but I am too practical to spend over $300 on a bag meant for partying.

Imagine my surprise and glee when one of our sales partners invited my team to a private shopping event at Tory Burch’s store downtown.  I think I pretty much died and went to heaven.

Doors closed early at 5:00 last night to host our private party there – flutes of champagne in hand, we browsed the store like royalty.  It was actually pretty surreal to be in there with a sales person dedicated to finding me pieces.    I tried on shoes, blouses, sunglasses, and several darling dresses, but I knew in my heart what I was leaving with…. the black clutch.  The photo above is of part of their handbag display.  Love love loveeeee!

Onto my favorite part… the decor…

Can we talk about how well styled these stores are??  I WISH my house could be this fabulous!  I was too embarrassed to actually ask the staff to take a photo of us, but I did get out my iPhone to snap a few covert pictures of the displays.  I felt like I was walking around inside a pretty jewelry box – it was just fabulous from the graphic diamond rugs, to the vibrant colors, and amazing orchid arrangements.
This display in particular was one of my favorites.  The X leg benches were perfect next to the gilt trim table with it’s super shiny lacquer top.
Anyway, here she is… my new little baby 🙂  Isn’t she amazing??

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