Black and White Weddings

I am normally drawn to weddings where light colors and rustic details take center stage, but I have to say that the graphic contrast of black and white is a breath of fresh air from all the summertime weddings that take place in a garden, barn, or vineyard.


Doesn’t this bouquet of white anemones make a bold statement without being too “loud”?  I also love the black sash that break’s up the sweetness of this romantic dress.

I’ve always been a fan of having bridesmaids wear different dresses, and this line-up above is still cohesive, while letting the girls wear something that is a) flattering to their figure, and b) shows off their personality.  Aside from that, the blush and black is a little more fresh and unique than the standard creme, and more flattering than nude.  So pretty!

This picture strikes me as the perfect look for a Halloween wedding.  Without being costume-y about it, the black lilies in the bouquets add drama, while the strappy black shoes are adventurous, and give a nod to the spooky… almost witch-like.


I love these invitations wrapped in black and white string, and how fun are those checkerboard socks and black and white wingtips?!  Adorable!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the chiffon softens the all black dresses above.  The vibe is romantic all the way despite the dark color.


Ok, who can say that these sheer lace Valentino’s are anything short of FABULOUS.  With the big bows, sexy peep toe, and sky high heel, these shoes are sexy meets sweet.  Weddings aside, I want these for my own closet!


Feather’s aren’t really my thing, but it makes for a dramatic detail on a white lapel, and don’t even get me started on that necklace.  I love the antique brooch that serves as a clasp, along with the oversize pearls – so pretty.

These invites are modern all the way.  I love the graphic “LOVE”, the black background with white font, and the simple lay-out.

The more I look at it, the more I love the idea of a black and white wedding… what do you think?

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