The Statement Making Non-statement Necklace

Yesterday I wrote about a chunky chain link bracelet, so while we are on the topic of jewelry, let’s talk about dainty, delicate necklaces…

I’ve been really into chunky statement necklaces lately because it’s an easy way to be a little fashion forward, or throw a bright pop of color into an otherwise conservative / boring / safe outfit.  When I’m not dressing up my outfits with an in your face necklace, I like to opt for something delicate that can make as huge of a statement as something flashy.

They are great alone, or layered for a more bohemian look. My favorites are delicate but unique, and I’ve discovered that Etsy is a great source to find delicate gold (or gold coated) necklaces at extremely affordable prices.

I love this pyrite and gold leaf necklace.  The gold colored stone is so cool, and I love that you can customize the charm with your initials!  It would be cute as a gift for yourself, or as a personalized gift for a friend!

ZionShore does a lot of pieces with quartz, and I love the small smokey beads on some of the pieces as much as I love the larger single set stones… so pretty

How adorable is this little cold coral charm necklace?!  The length of the chain is a bit longer (20″) so its perfect for layering with shorter chains.  I’ve also been on a coral kick this year after making my Sea Fan shadowbox DIY earlier this year…

This next one isn’t gold, but I love the patina on it from the brass.  This one would make such a cute gift for a friend who just moved to another state, and it isn’t just made for Californians (although it is one of the most iconically shaped states).

Finally, a simple necklace that is as pretty as they come.  You could wear this to an interview, your wedding, on vacation, and running errands – a necklace you’de never take off.  So perfect.

What do you think?  Are you a statement necklace girl, or do you go for the delicate charms?

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