Style Icon: Miranda Kerr

Yes she is a model… a Victoria’s Secret Model… who makes money by wearing lingerie and itty-bitty bikini’s… but dang… she looks just as good in clothes!

The reason I love her so much, is that despite her amazing body, she dresses for real life.  Real life in couture, but still – she isn’t flouncing around town in a crop top and no bra (hello Rihanna and Miley Cyrus).  Also, she sticks with classically tailored pieces, and neutral tones.  You’ll see a lot of nautical pieces with high-waisted trouser jeans, horizontal navy stripes, and plenty of (muted) red, white and blue.
I also love that she embraces feminine silhouettes that nip in at the waist and classic shapes that have been popular for decades.  She could be a Kennedy in either of these dresses!

Her style always seems easily attainable, so while she might be carrying a Valentino tote, and running around town in Manolos, her looks are easy to mimic – who doesn’t have a pair or black pumps that they can pair with dark skinny jeans and a white blouse?!

Her wardrobe is made up of blazers, blouses, and cropped pants with ballet flats, pumps, and large totes – I am obsessed with her style.

Who is YOUR style icon?

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