Tripod Lamps

Let me start by saying, Pinterest is evil.  It really is!  There are things on there that you never knew existed… and then, like flicking a switch, you suddenly NEED it… like right now.

Damn you Pinterest!!

This Tripod lamp is now added to the “need” list after seeing it on Pinterest.  Isn’t it just plain cool?  Cool in the same way that a globe is cool… or an old wooden box.  It looks old and collected, and I feel like it has a story (even if it’s brand new… you can make it up, right??) Between the brass legs, the warm wood, and that perfect little linen drum shade, I am wanting it real bad!

Luckily, I’ve got willpower, and will be exercising it, instead of instantly purchasing the Easton Tripod Floor Lamp from Joss & Main…

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