Exploring the Market of the World…

Have you been to World Market (formerly Cost Plus) lately?

Sweet baby Jesus, they have some AMAZING finds!  My office is literally across the street from Pier 39, which means awesome views – both of the bay, as well as of lost tourists and more fanny packs than you can imagine… Side Note: Where are people still buying fanny packs??  It is a great mystery to me…

Getting back to my original point, World Market is just a hop skip and a jump away, so I can escape calmly walk over during a lunch break, and indulge in a little retail therapy.  For those of you who haven’t been to World Market in a while – please do – its not all incense and meditation pillows anymore – they have some seriously fabulous pieces!

I have to add, they are not paying me to say any of this… I’m just way into them right now

Hello there beautiful zebra printed Louis XVI dining chair!!  Imagine a pair of these in a living room… or as an addition to an office (um what if you added mini casters to the legs… fabulous AND functional).  I could even see a chair like this in a bedroom or hallway… heck, it would pretty much work anywhere!  AND it’s on sale!  I was barely able to resist.

Look at what else I found – an assortment of animal hide rugs!  Remember my obsession with cow hide rugs that I posted about here??  That obsession is still alive and well my friends. I still want one for the dining room!  Not entirely sure if these are real, but if they weren’t, they could have fooled me!

This drafting desk was just calling to me – I’ve never drafted a thing in my life, but I feel that I need this.  Of course, we have no where to put it, and it would provide zero storage (one of the musts for anything we bring into our tiny apartment), but its just SO COOL.

Don’t even get me started on this bookshelf – Jenny of The Little Green Notebook featured it recently – painted grey I believe, but I actually love the dark wood.  And can we talk about that mini ladder??  I’m a tall gal at 5’8″ (without heels) so the ladder would be kind of ironic, but I love it regardless.

Can you tell which part of this next vignette I’m loving??  If you guessed the headboard, you’d be right, but not the one you see in the back.  The cutesy buttons are not doing it for me, however, the headboard in the forefront – the one that is unfortunately covered up by all those “exotic” pillows, is just lovely.  I love the nail-head, and love that it’s trimmed out in wood.

On to the accessories – I’m ALL ABOUT this weathered globe (everyone will surely think me worldly and well traveled), but have a feeling that I can find one of these at a Goodwill in the area…

And of course, the garden stools – does anyone actually use these as seating??  Doubtful… they don’t look comfortable, but they are still so fab – especially the shiny gold one. Me likey 🙂

And what did I find here?? The faux fur throws… which as we all know, I went home with.  I’m still trying to find the right spot for him to live – yes our faux fur throw is a “him”.  Will he go in the living room, or the bedroom??  To be determined…

Does anyone else have any good finds they’ve stumbled upon recently??

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