Bold Striped Walls

Hope you all had a great weekend!  
From these pictures, take a wild guess at what I am contemplating for my next project around the house…..

     via Decor Pad 

That’s right – stripes!

Horizontal, vertical, fat, skinny… I love them all!  I love them as a statement wall in a room with a neutral palate…

                           via Emily Clark

As a graphic backdrop in a more traditional setting (with botanical gallery wall and antique piano)…

                     via Pinterest

And check out these vertical stripes in a sassy metallic gold… such a bold choice!

                                    via Amanda Carol at Home

More narrow stripes in black and white – don’t you think they make this small space look taller?

                  via Elle Decor 

Or wide and chocolate brown in a pantry / bar area… classic and pretty.
Am I crazy or do you love them too??

2 thoughts on “Bold Striped Walls

  1. Aww, thanks Annie! Which do you like better – the horizontal or vertical? I am planning on 3″ stripes, and had originally planned on vertical, but now I'm all confused!


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