Weekend Recap

The holidays have arrived at our house – at least partially!

I had grand plans to get all of our holiday decor up over the weekend, but that changed as soon as the stormy weather hit.  Like a spell, all I wanted to do was hibernate under a blanket with my new US Magazine (Jessica Simpson is pregnant again?!) and a marathon of Honey BooBoo.  It was amazing.

Despite the fact that I stayed in sweats for the vast majority of the weekend, I did manage to get SOME of the Christmas decorations put up.

Case in point – my pretty boxwood wreath!

Isn’t it just lovely??

I got some pretty gold ribbon, and hung the wreath from the curtain rod to avoid putting more holes in the wall.  As a side note, wouldn’t it be lovely if our dining room had beautiful double windows like this? Alas, it’s just a reflection from our floor to ceiling mirror.

While most of my ornaments are still in storage, I had a few new ones from my mama, that have made their way into a few small bowls in the living room.  And if you look REAL close, you can see the reflection of me… in my sweats.  Shocking, eh?

My honey came home on Friday with some red roses, that looked very Christmas-y next to the ornaments and some greenery.  The greenery is actually from a tree on our street that blew down in the storm – it was REALLY windy, to say the least.

And our tree – we managed to get out of the house after the storm passed. We get our tree from the school around the corner from our house, and walk it back home like true city dwellers.

Now, I’m not sure if the Noble Fir weighs significantly more than the Douglas Fir that we normally get, or if this tree was completely waterlogged after three days of rain, but it was HEAVY.  No joke – this thing is probably close to 100 lbs.  Luckily we got it home, up the stairs, and into our apartment without killing each other, and after a few tries, finally got it straight in the stand.  Fingers crossed I don’t come home tonight to find it toppled over like last year.

I am happy that the rain has passed, and that our house is starting to look (and feel) like Christmas!

Happy Monday!

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