Gussy up Your Gift Wrap!

I’ve never been great at wrapping gifts… I don’t have the patience to get the folds perfect, and I use quite a bit of tape to make up for my impatience.  As a firm believer in the idea that enough ribben can solve any imperfection, I’ve been looking for a little holiday wrapping inspiration that looks simple enough, and still pretty.

What did I come up with??

Use Lace

Yup – wrap a sheath of lace around a simply wrapped brown paper parcel, and you are good to go (and no one will know the mass amounts of tape holding things together under the paper!!)

Go Metallic

All that reflective wrapping paper is bound to camoflauge some imperfectly folded edges right??  And under the tree with the twinkling lights – it will be pretty enough to distract from the part where I didn’t quite cut enough paper to cover everything… right??

Accessorize A LOT

Go overboard!  It’s the holidays afterall!!  Grab some pom poms, burlap, ribben, doilies, fabric flowers… the works!  Just keep layering!

Go Natural

Go ahead – snap some pine branches off the tree – no one’s going to miss them!  Glue a few pinecones to the top, and it’s a charming “woodsy” package.

Did I miss any super handy tricks for fancifying an otherwise poorly wrapped present??

I think I’m going to test a few of these out tonight since the fruits of my online shopping have payed off big time.  Almost everything has arrived, with plenty of time to spare!!

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