Cleaning out the Christmas Clutter

Well… ALMOST…  I can’t bear to take down our tree just yet!!

Growing up, I’d get so sad every year after Christmas.  After all the excitement, the holiday was over, and all our pretty Christmas decorations would get put away.  My mom would opt for really simple, clean, white decor, and I thought it looked stark and bare in contrast to all the garlands, ornaments, and lights.

As an adult, I get it now.  Out with the clutter, and in with the clean slate.  I think white is perfect for this purpose, and these rooms are fabulous, post-Christmas, “clean out the clutter and simplify” inspiration… Don’t you think??

What could be better than a few graphic black and white throw pillows mixed in with a fuzzy blanket, cow hide, and lots and lots of white.  Nothing.  Nothing is better.

Look at those windows – amazing for letting in what winter light there is.  January still has short days, and the light is harsh, but all white really brightens up a space – even on a dreary day!
Ahh, the one random warm day we always get in January – after all this rain, I am looking forward to it, and a light white throw, and a beautiful white settee look both wintery and summery at the same time – all white perfection for any season!
Simple styling at it’s best – I am (obviously) still very much into faux fur, so gotta get that in there… and some bare branches placed in a simple glass vase are pretty in this wintery room.

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