Gallery Wall… without Art

Yesterday, I posted about my goals for decorating our house in 2013, and one of the items on the list was to replace the dwarfed sunburst mirror in the hallway.  If you remember, the sunburst mirror that is hanging there right now was a fun DIY I posted about last year – (original post here).  I am still absolutely loving it, but it’s too small for this space.  Don’t worry – it will likely relocate to our living room or bedroom.
With the sunburst mirror moving to another room, I’ve been brainstorming about what should go on that wall.  I think I am leaning towards a gallery wall of sorts.  I know, I know… I totally chickened out on the gallery wall idea in the living room, but I have a new take on it for the hallway. I am thinking of doing a gallery wall made up entirely of picture frames – no art.
I’ve seen several inspirations from around the web where multiple ornate frames – all in the same color – and it’s FABULOUS!
This white on white on white is very pretty.  I’m not sure we’ll end up with tone on tone in the hallway – especially since our walls are off-white right now, but it’s definitely a possibility…

I am loving this collection of ornate frames from Etsy – antique white!

This next one is a great inspiration – especially since I’ll likely go with white frames on a contrasting wall…  I love how they are staggered down the stairs.

No Source

I love the patina on these – I’d been imagining crisp white, but perhaps a little jolt of blue is what this wall needs…

This picture came from a Halloween feature from Better Homes and Gardens – spooky for sure with the faux cobwebs, but also really pretty.  I am thinking I’ll stay away from black, since there is a lot of that going on elsewhere in our house.

And another all white hallway – this looks the most gallery like, and I still really love the look.  I also love that they did this installation in a narrow hallway like ours.
Another idea I had was to go with a gallery wall made up of mirrors.  This would help reflect light, and open things up – or are plain frames the way to go??

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