So THIS is what Heaven Looks like…

You all know that we are living in a teeny tiny apartment in San Francisco, and while the list of things I’d like to change about our apartment is a mile long (small kitchen, no garbage disposal, dated tile, crumbly plaster, loud neighbors…) if I could ask the apartment gods for one thing, it would be…


Our Christmas ornaments are packed away in boxes, yet they are still stacked against a wall in the living room until we find a better solution.  My super duper vacuum that could pick up a small child is still at my old apartment with my best friend because we simply have no place to store it (lucky lady).  The broom has a home behind the door that leads into the hall.  Wrapping paper lives behind one of the curtains in the dining room (I’ve had to get a little more creative recently).

Let me just say that to have a closet just for clothes, much less a closet that you could host a party in, is the stuff dreams are made of.  Please enjoy the closet porn I’ve rounded up for you all!

Every purse has it’s own cubby!  It’s all white.  All the hangers match.  The shirts are color coded for god’s sake – I am SOOOOO jealous!!

This is what heaven looks like… in case you were wondering.  Rows upon rows of shoes, organized by color, heel height and designer (ok maybe not by designer, but that would be FABULOUS).

A chandelier, and fresh cut flowers??  Seriously??  I have pillows, luggage, and boxes of college memorabilia shoved (yes SHOVED) in my closet.  This is how the other half lives!!  I wonder if they are looking for roommates……..

A vanity in the closet??  Why would you ever leave!  I’d feel like such a diva putting on blush every morning in that fabulously upholstered chair!

This closet was built for me.  Even in these vast closets, I’d still need a few doors to hide the secret mess when I shove my stuff in after a long week.  Doesn’t everyone have that closet??

Contemporary Closet design by Orange County Interior Designer Michael Fullen Design Group

And a little tufted benching never hurt anyone!  The perfect spot to chat with girlfriends while trying to decide which Louboutins to wear out.  That’s my kind of problem!!!

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