Heart Garland

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m all loved up!

I mentioned that we are going to be staying in tonight, making dinner, and probably watching an episode of Dexter (nothing says love like serial killers), and so I’ve been adding little Valentine’s Day touches to our house all week (those heart shaped candles?? amazing).

I have also been working on a mini makeover on our wine hutch this week, and while I was waiting for the paint to dry last night, I also decided that the mirror that hangs above said hutch was begging for a little Valentine’s Day flair.

With no materials for crafting, I got creative, and used an old book.  Have you ever read any of the True Blood Sookie Stackhouse books?  If you haven’t I highly recommend them – VERY entertaining, but they aren’t fine literature… so I sacrificed one of the books for my little heart garland.

Side note: the book I ended up using is called Dead as a Door-nail, so I had to do a little strategic cutting to ensure the title didn’t make it onto any of my hearts.  Yeah, the content doesn’t match the sentiment of this project, but who really cares… right??

Aside from the books, all you need are scissors and tape.  Holla!

I started cutting out hearts like a mad-woman and taping them together willy nilly (Kris hates that saying, I’ve recently learned)…

Now I have two adorable little garlands adorning the mirror in the living room.  They make me smile when I see them, and I won’t feel bad tossing them out tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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