A Park Avenue Princess (in the making)

My whirlwind week in NYC has come to an end, and I have so much to share!  To say that New York captured my heart is a complete understatement.  It’s a full-blown love affair I’m afraid.
The flight there was a little rocky, but I made it in one piece, and after a HUGE coffee (and a little bit of concealer), I was feeling a bit more like myself, and ready to take on the role of “tourist” for the afternoon.
First stop… my fabulous hotel on Park Avenue.  Sort of the perfect location for my first visit to New York.  My hotel was on Park at 38th – literally one block from my office, just a few blocks from Grand Central Station, a block from Madison Avenue (which for someone in Advertising was VERY cool), and two blocks from the fabulous shopping on 5th.  OMG, don’t even get me started…  back to my hotel….
The rooms were very Hollywood regency – lots of fun splashes of color and mirrors everywhere you turned… LOVE!

LOVED the tear drop shaped lamps, with their crisp white shades, and black trim.  Loved the mirror topped side tables, and the metallic pillow on the all white bed.  The room was small – not at all surprising for New York – but the plethora of mirrors opened it up, giving the illusion that it was much larger than it was.

How fabulous is that pop of hot pink??  And the x-leg parson desk.  That was gold.  I wanted to steal it and take it home with me!

The side table closest to the window had a mirrored top, and leather upholstered drawers with studs.  Nothing I would have ever chosen myself, but I loved it!

And the window treatments were really simple but super impactful – black valences with a crisp white stripe… and you all know how much I love a good stripe.

A cool starburst art installation on one of the walls was very Jonathan Adler, and I’ve actually wanted something like this mini desk lamp to light up one of the dark corners of our living room… it was maybe 13″ tall, and had a blown glass shade.  This picture doesn’t showcase it well, but it was really pretty and unique in person.

Can I go back already???

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