Abstract Colors

One of the best and easiest ways to make a space more unique is through Art.  In the past, I found it hard to choose the “right” piece, but I try to focus on making art decisions based on what I like.  It’s that simple.  For abstracts, I steer towards bright colors, or interesting stroke marks, or scenes that evoke movement or nature (like the sea, or wind).  I also like pop art, vintage posters, and black and white photography.

A few months ago, I had been on Pinterest and saw a fun colorful print that I loved.  Unfortunately for me, the pin didn’t have a source (don’t you just hate that??)  When I’d found the unnamed, un-tagged print on Pinterest, I loved it so much that I’d printed it out and framed it in our living room – where it’s been sitting on the wine hutch ever since. I’d all but given up on finding out who the artist was… until today…

I was randomly combing through a few articles on Houzz, and came across an article about using coffee table books as part of your decor.  This picture was featured in the article, and what did I notice… well that painting looks A LOT like the one I’d fallen in love with!!

Overly excited, I clicked on the photo to see the quoted sources, and quickly learned that Jennifer Latimer is the artist responsible for the fun colorful abstract.  Jackpot!!

A quick Google search later, I was on her site, browsing her collection, and learning that she was recently featured on One Kings Lane as an artist to watch, and that she has a fabulous blog on home decor!  Could I be more excited??

Since I am a person that gravitates towards neutrals in furniture, I love to incorporate bright colors through art and pillows, and her bright fun abstract pieces are sort of perfect for this exact purpose.

A few of my favorites from her collection…

Banff Garden Poppies & Roses which is unfortunately sold…

Falling Petals, a Chanel Inspired Abstract

After a little digging, I discovered that her work is also sold on Etsy (yes, the news just keeps getting better) through a shop called Gilded Mint.  
How much are you loving this quad of gold seaweed paintings for $28 (buy here).
Or this four leaf clover print (buy here) also reasonably priced at $27!
Or… speaking of Flamenco’s yesterday… this little guy is tres chic, and ready to hang!
Don’t be surprised if you see a few more of her pieces popping up around my house… I am loving pretty much every piece in her Etsy shop!

Have you stumbled on any great sources for art recently??  I’d love to hear about it!

2 thoughts on “Abstract Colors

  1. Great find – I'm always on the hunt for affordable pieces of art without much luck. Everyone always just finds “the best things” at Goodwill or a flea market, and I want to know who these LUCKY people are. I always find junk! I'll definitely be taking a look at this Etsy shop now 🙂

    – Kelsey


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