Hot Pink Lipstick

I’m a total creature of habit, and always steer towards the same look – big doe eyes with neutral / brown shadow, big black lashes, and pale lips –  but recently, I’ve been getting a little more experimental with my makeup routine.

I’d been doing red lips all winter, and was absolutely loving it, and while I was at the drugstore last week, picked up a tube of shocking pink lipstick.

The color is called rose hips, although to me it’s a much brighter pink than any flower I’ve ever seen.  Depending on the application, it ranges from magenta (lighter application), to almost neon (two thick coats, blotted).

With lips verging on day-glo, keep the eye make-up light – neutral shadow, and mascara only!

Here’s a close up of my lips from Saturday night… is that a shocking pink, or what?!

Let me just say, there is nothing more awkward then trying to get a close-up of your mouth… who knew how weird my nostrils looked up-close!

Nostrils aside, the hot pink is a fun, more summery variation from red, and I’m loving it!  What do you think?  Would you ever dare to wear hot pink lipstick?

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