Dining Room Revamp – No, I’m not Crazy (yet)

Hope you all had as good of a long weekend as we did – we spent most of it outside, soaking up the warm weather, bbqing, sun bathing, and watching a few fireworks. 

I also spent a few hours doing this:
Yep… that is paint my friends (Side note: can you believe how gross the color of the trim was before??? UGH. That swatch of white paint against it really shows how dingy it was!)  
I had an itch on Sunday and decided that the trim in the dining room needed to be painted immediately, and so I busted out the tape and my paintbrush and went to town… Kris came back from the coffee shop to find all our furniture in the living room, and me knee deep in paint.  Despite his concerns over my mental stability, I kept at it, and a few hours later, the trim was bright and white and clean, and I was able to let out a sigh of relief!
Have you ever read the book “When you Give a Mouse a Cookie”?
If you haven’t, please do, because then you will fully understand what has transpired since I taped and painted the trim in the dining room.  Once the trim was painted, I wanted to paint the rest of the room… even though it’s been painted once already.  I’m thinking a light grey…
Well with ideas of a light grey, simple room, I decided that the seat cushions on our chairs would need an update (something a bit more contemporary), and that with the grey walls, the curtains couldn’t stay as is (they wouldn’t match).  I also decided that with the bookshelf out of the room, it felt so much larger, so perhaps we should get rid of the big bulky bookshelf and install some open shelving…
Oh the domino effect!
I decided to corral all my ideas into an inspiration board, and here’s what our dining room is soon going to look like:
Light and bright, and sophisticated with a color palette of black white and grey.  I want to bring in some black brush stroke art, fresh white curtain panels, and some bold graphic stripes.
I’ve really enjoyed the light blue color we’ve had, but since the rest of the house has neutral walls, it feels disjointed, and after almost two years with that color, I’m ready for a change.
Actually, there won’t be THAT much changing in here… just a few small tweaks to change the look and feel – the table will stay, but I’ll finally get around to installing the chandelier I bought LAST NOVEMBER (remember this post??), roll out the rug that’s been sitting in my office for the last few months, and pull the trigger on the cowhide rug.  I’ve already placed an order for the striped fabric that will recover the cushions, and the white curtains just require an easy trip to Ikea…
You guys – for once, a project I’m not sitting on!  I seriously can’t wait for before’s and afters 🙂
Happy Monday!

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