Black and White

I have a little love affair going with graphic black and white patterns right now…

It’s apparent from the black and white pattern mix going on in our dining room right now with the wicker chair makeover, and I’m finding myself picking up fun black and white accessories here and there.  Our living room has been saturated with color for months now, and while I’m not one of those people who can live in a home devoid of color for too long, there is something so appealing about this simple color palatte.

This clean white room is a favorite of mine – it’s simple, but not boring, with the graphic punch coming from the pillows and striped rug.

If this were our bathroom, I could die a happy girl.  The wallpaper is fabulous in all it’s psychedelic glory, but the clean white shower curtain gives the eye something to rest on amid the busy patterned walls.

While I’m sure this rug isn’t from Ikea (my guess is that it’s the Madeline Weinrib version… quite pricey), but it’s so fun.  Nate Berkus uses a similar version in many of his designs as well…

Striped curtains – everything else in here is pretty simple, but these curtains make this room something to stop and look at!

And again, more fab black and white wallpaper.  We’re still renting, but one day a sweet little powder bath is going to get one heck of a makeover in our house with something fabulous like this…..

Not willing to commit to a pricey rug, or anything so permanant as wallpaper?  Ikea has recently produced some AMAZING pieces (and this is not a sponsored post – I am really just that impressed with them right now) so I pulled together 6 of my favorite pieces they’re selling right now…

1. Staggered Stripe Rug
2. Woven Aztec Lumbar Pillow
3. Diamond pattern Area Rug
4. Striped Dinner Plate
5. Striped Knit Throw Blanket
6. Houndstooth Throw Pillow

I actually bought several of the lumbar pillows (they are thick, and look really expensive in person) and the striped throw has been a staple in our living room for the last year.  I also couldn’t help myself, and bought four of the large striped dinner plates last week too!  They really are amazing, and would look so great with all white dishes, and a simple table setting.

What do you think? Are you loving black and white as much as I am??

Have you found other fabulous black and white finds recently??

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