Home Decor Discovery

I’ve always been a huge fan of Polyvore.  Always.  Amazing solution to aggregate fashion online, and hands down my favorite source for discovery.  If I had a specific item in mind (gold strappy high-heels for example) I’d type it in, filter by price, and voila, there were options at my fingertips!

Well, amazing AMAZING news!!  I just discovered that in addition to fashion, they also have a home decor filter.  Yes… I know…. HUGE!

Let’s say I’m looking for a rustic side table (or coffee table)… chose “tables” from the main category, filter with the keyword “rustic” and there you have it!  Could it be simpler???

After discovering this, I felt inspired, and pulled together some collections of things I’ve been browsing myself…
First up: the rustic occasional table… to replace our dark faux wood coffee and side tables that are currently in our living room.  I’m really drawn to the lighter natural wood finishes, metal details, x-bar reinforcements, and tiered storage…

Rustic Occasional Tables

I also went a step further to browse art, since I’ve been toying with the idea of revamping the gallery wall in our living room… for fall, I am really liking the more muted color palates, nature inspired pieces, and quirky photographs with an aged “instagram like” quality.  The elephant is absolutely AMAZING, and I think Kris would like the old surf photo.


And, while we are not necessarily IN NEED of gorgeous chandeliers, or lamps right now, I’ve been toying with the idea of swapping out the brushed metal lamps in the living room, for something a little more mid-century… just for a while!  These lamps have served me well – six years, and four apartments!!


This is in no way sponsored by the way – I just happen to love Polyvore, and think that this is so cool!  Fashion, AND home decor??? Such a cool tool when you’re looking for something specific!

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