Powder Pink Winter Coat

I need a new coat like I need another hole in my head.  Which is to say, I don’t need a new coat, BUT… how amazing would it be to trot about town this winter in one of these??

Pink Coats

Gianluca Capannolo pink coat / RED Valentino wool coat, $865 / Sartoria Italiana Vintage pleated wool coat / RED Valentino coat / Jigsaw leather coat, $395

A soft pink wool coat!  LOVE. And if Kate Beckensale is on board, I am too!

Amazing with grey, perfect to dress up jeans… Obviously fab with black and white, and the perfect femme touch for leather pants.

AND… if you weren’t already sold it’s a breath of fresh air among the black, grey, and brown colors of winter!  Don’t you want to stand out??

Perhaps this will go on my Christmas wish list this year…..

2 thoughts on “Powder Pink Winter Coat

  1. Me too! I went through a bit of a pink aversion, and while I don't naturally gravitate towards pink in my wardrobe, I actually think that it's not that girly in the form of a oversize coat – especially if you stay away from frills and keep it simple.


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