Herringbone Wood Floors – it’s Love

So I’ve decided… in my future house, I want at least one room to have a herringbone wood inlay floor… just look at these images!  
So. Freaking. Awesome.
I love it with wide planks in a warm, traditional wood…

And as it looks equally as amazing with wood in a more greyed out coloring…

The muted wood finish actually emphasizes the pattern, while also keeping it from being too busy…
What I love about it, is that it keeps a space feeling traditional with wood floors, but it’s more spunky and original than the classic straight planks.  I don’t think I could have a WHOLE house of herringbone wood floors, but it would make a single room so special.  Don’t you think?
How dramatic is this room with the planked ceilings, and the wood in varying colors of grey stain – it’s a bit busier than I’d likely commit to in my own house, but it’s just SO COOL.

This is a much more traditional take, and i love how warm it looks – the pattern is more subtle because of the coloring in the wood, but it almost has an ombre effect.

Shorter planks are also pretty awesome, and I love how the pattern is edged in before switching to flat rows of wood in the hallway and adjacent rooms.

And the final room has the herringbone wood set at a steeper angle in the below room, using darker wood with a more pronounced grain – it gives it kind of a woodsy look, don’t you think?

While we’re talking about fancy floors… how amazing is this pattern??  The below is a total pipe dream, while I feel the herringbone pattern is more doable, but I’d LOVE to have something like the below in a bedroom, smaller personal space.
What do you think about the herringbone wood floors?  Kind of a cool interpretation of the very popular chevron pattern, right??
Would you ever install them in your home??

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