Animal Print Rugs

Sooo… yesterday we talked about the look of worn rugs acting as a neutral background for a slightly more traditional living space…

While we’re on the topic of rugs, let’s talk about animal print… kind of the opposite of “traditional”

I’m a fan.
My favorite pair of flats are leopard print, and I wear them like a neutral – literally with everything.  Could I do a leopard print rug??
Or antelope??
Or cheetah??

I mean if it’s good enough for the editor of Real Simple…

And it’s good enough for Erin Gates…
It’s amazing, right??
Well, I came across this bad boy… and it really got the wheels turning…
Could I do leopard print in a big dose like this??? I mean, I am pretty sure that this is the same rug as was used here…
Dark teal walls, simple clean lines, and light furniture… it’s only $341 right now for the 6’x9’….
It could happen… what do you think???

4 thoughts on “Animal Print Rugs

  1. I'm also a huge fan of Erin Gates, and LOVE the animal print stairway. I'm dying to see more pics of it – the other teal room is cool as well. I don't know if I could stomach animal print 24/7 in such large doses, but they pull it off well. Good luck if you try it!


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