You Might be Wondering where I’ve been…

No I haven’t quit the blog… but I have been on a break… it’s not you… it’s me…
No really.
This happened…


It’s been SO exciting, and SOOO fun, and we literally could not be happier.  Kris has already taken to calling me wifey which makes me laugh every time, and I’ve been trying to remember to introduce him to people as my FIANCE (so fancy) –  not my “boyfriend”.

A gratuitous ring shot for you guys…

While the excitement around being newly engaged is reason in itself for me to be taking a little break from the blog world… this is also happening…

No… not a baby – despite what the box says – our apartment has become a little storage facility, filling up slowly with boxes on top of boxes.

We’re moving.


I’m a stressed out little bunny.

With every box that gets packed, I look around and feel like I’ve hardly made a dent.  I mean, seriously??  How did we get SO MUCH stuff?!

To add to the excitement of the engagement, and the craziness surrounding our impending move, I also had to head to this hideous place for work last week…

The weather was terrible too.  85 and sunny – how can people in LA live like that?!

No but really, it was pretty incredible, I’m not going to lie – this was the view from my hotel room. You have permission to be jealous for a minute.

So to recap my travel schedule for you this month, it’s SF >> LA >> SF >> NY >> SF.  Yep, next week I’ll be here….

Freezing my patootie off most likely, but for New York I’ll make an exception…

So in between celebrating, packing, traveling, and of course coming to grips with the fact that in less than a month, my best friend moves to Chicago, I’ve been trying to do as much actual living (and not blogging) as possible, with as many afternoons as possible spent like this…

I’ll be back after the move – I promise.

But until then, one more shameless hand-selfie that I can’t seem to stop snapping.  It’s bad.

I’ll be back soon my dears… with more projects and more inspiration soon.

16 thoughts on “You Might be Wondering where I’ve been…

  1. This is just the best news! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you and your soon to be husband. I am certainly looking forward to all your new exciting updates soon.

    – Karyn


  2. I just found this blog, so luckily I have months and months of your posts to read in the meantime while you take a break. Congratulations on the engagement – it's a very exciting time


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