Happy Valentine’s Day

Let me preface this post by saying, I’m not a big Valentine’s day girl – the hoopla of it all is overwhelming, and the pricey set menu’s at every single restaurant make me want to stay in… which is what we do every year.  We make dinner together, and cozy up with some wine.  The one thing I do like about this day though is the conscious effort everyone makes to say I love you.

With everything going on I haven’t given much thought to Valentine’s day this year – no fun crafts, and I haven’t even gotten my cards in the mail (sorry mom and dad!)… but for whatever reason, I woke up today in the celebrating mood.

And what better way to feel a little festive for perhaps the most over-hyped, over-rated holiday than to dress a little special??

I have a little bounce in my step after putting on a VERY similar outfit to the one below… a full red skirt (with pockets… LOVE), a silky floral blouse, some fun kick-y booties and my beloved pink coat.  Mine is from Jcrew, and I get complimented on it every single time I wear it – it’s so pretty (and surprisingly versatile)!


Red and Pink are also allowed together now the same way navy and black are.  It’s a fun color combination, and especially festive for a day like today.

I mean if SJP says it’s ok, then you know it’s no longer a fashion faux pas.

Anyway, I’m off to drop some V-day goodies off with some clients, but wanted to pop in to share a little V-day love and style inspiration with you all.


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