Back to Basics: What’s you’re "True" Style?

This year is going by so fast!  There has been so much going on that I’ve really taken to posting on here when I feel inspired… or more often than not, when I feel guilty that it’s been too long.

To be honest, I haven’t been feeling all that inspired, and when it felt like “work” to come up with something to write about, I didn’t… but now that we’ve moved, and unpacked (most) of the boxes, I’m feeling more settled in, and less overwhelmed.  Maybe it’s that I don’t feel like I’m living in complete chaos anymore… maybe that with spring I’m feeling re-inspired to rejuvenate our space, and inject life back into it… or maybe my focus is naturally shifting back to the things I love… design, decor and DIY.

Last night, I hunted for our DSLR camera with the intention of being able to post some updates on our new apartment today, but since it’s still packed somewhere, I wanted to take today to talk about where my head is at, and where I see my style trending for our new place.  After moving, and being presented with the opportunity to re-vamp our house, I’ve adopted an “out with the old / cluttered / things I hate or have grown out of” state of mind, and want to re-focus our space, keeping only things I love that reflect Kris any my personalities and tastes. Whether it’s to Craigslist, or to Goodwill… the clutter is slowwwwlllllllyyyyyyy dissipating.

I’ve found that it’s so easy to see a beautiful space or a cool home accessory and think, “I NEED to recreate that in my own house”.

Put on the brakes Becky.  Stop.  Think.

Is that new rug / lamp / fabric / style really you?  Does it fit in with the aesthetic you are going for??  What IS my true style???

That last question is the one I have been  rolling over in my mind.  In a few words, this is what I’ve come up with… my TRUE style is:

Classic – but not necessarily traditional.  

Nothing stuffy… but leaning on tradition with classic lines, and finishings.

Clean – but not minimal.

Out with the clutter!  That’s my new mantra for 2014!

Relaxed – but not sloppy.

I want our home to be inviting where the furniture says “come in and sit down”!

Contemporary – but not modern.

This is definitely a nod to Kris’ aesthetic… he likes modern clean lines, so as long as there is balance between modern and classic, we’re all good

Color infused – but not color saturated.

The one thing all these spaces have in common are their light colors – pale walls, white furniture, but I need my home to have small punches of color in the accessories… a bright bunch of flowers… art.

Preppy, a little bit elegant, and a little bit rustic.

A touch of gold here, a little rustic wood or raw linen there… a few stripes interspersed… that’s my jam.  I cannot forget.

So with that list fresh in my mind, I’m in the process of going through my things – pillows, vases, frames, art, accessories – and purging. This process has been combined with unpacking, which makes both take doubly long.

I can fully admit that I’ve made purchases that were not necessarily “me” but from here on out, I’m going to keep this list fresh in my mind.  I’ll admire the mid-century rooms from afar.  Classic, clean, natural, comfortable, welcoming with a bit of color and a bit of glam.

What is your true style?  Girly and glam? Minimalistic?

I’m curious!

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