Fab Finds in an Unexpected Place

It’s been a while since I last checked in here, but after browsing through the World Market site, I felt compelled to stop in.

Is it me or is World Market having a moment right now??  Have you been??  I’m dying to check out some of their stuff – furniture, lighting, and especially kitchen supplies.  I’m not getting paid in any way by them to post this – I just am very VERY impressed right now.
Case in point??  This chair.
I feel like it belongs in Mad Men.  A far cry from those papasan chairs that my sister and I used to roll around in when we were kids. 
We’re looking for a comfortable side chair for the living room right now, and if this is comfy, it could be a real contender!  I am dying to go check this out in person!!  Gorgeous!
Another favorite find?  This pendant.
And such a good price too!
I’ve been keeping my eye peeled for a different overhead lighting options for our dining room, entry, and bedroom, to replace the boob lights that are everywhere in our place.  Don’t know what a boob light is?  Google image it… there are thousands of examples.
Don’t get me started on these nesting tables…
The top is beautiful with the hexagonal wood inlay.  They look so much more expensive than they are!
There are some really cook kitchen finds as well… I LOVE the marble lazy susan, although a part of me wishes it was just a cheese board.
This Utensil Canister is also really lovely, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for our sad little one I’ve had since my college days.
I love the look of this “dipped” salad bowl – super organic and simple.
And speaking of simple, organic stuff… I’m loving the grain-sack napkins and tea towels that look like they came straight out of a small shop in Provence.

And how cute is this cutting board???
Finally, for a little glam… this tray is really lovely.  Looks like something you’d find from Horchow…
What do you think?  
Have you found any inspiring pieces in unexpected places recently?

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