Moody Ocean Prints

I’m currently in what seems to be a very slow process of  re-doing the gallery wall in our bedroom.  I just could not stomach the mis-matched (and scratched up) frames that were originally hung, and the art didn’t seem to jive all-together. I want all the frames to be a single color so it doesn’t seem so scattered, and I plan on replacing some of the art that is currently up there.

While I re-work the frames, and the layout on the wall, I’m on the hunt for some cool prints.  In our bedroom, we have various shades of blue, grey, and teal, and I want to bring these colors into the art in the gallery wall, keeping with a moodier, cool color palette.  Nothing too happy, bright, or playful.

I toyed with the idea of all black and white prints or photographs, but I think that might be a bit too boring unless I did the frames all gold – an idea which Kris wasn’t loving. I think he could love it after it was done, but I think I abused the gold a bit in our last apartment, so I’m going to initially try a more understated route with the frames.  I think I’m going to do all grey frames and if it’s too boring down the line, perhaps gold… or even navy might be fun.

Inspiration started with this first print, and kind of snowballed from there……..

So my question for all of you… is all the moody ocean photography too much together?  There are a few prints we have hanging right now that I do love by Claire Elsaesser that these would coordinate with, but I’m worried that more than one will be overkill?  Should I stick with one?  Do you have a favorite?


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