True Style vs. a Truly cool Lamp??

So I know that yesterday I posted about staying true to your style.  Mine is classic.  Clean. Contemporary. Comfortable. Preppy.
But let’s talk about this lamp for a moment.

You all know this lamp.

Nate Berkus blew everyone away with his last collection for Target.  It flew off the shelves and was only available online.  I of course lusted after it, and finally caved.  I ordered two of them.

They arrived last week, and after setting one of them up, Kris came home… his immediate response was:

“I can’t tell if I hate that lamp or if it’s my favorite thing in the house.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

After just posting yesterday about staying true to your style, I am evaluating EVERYTHING against that lens now, and these lamps do not really reflect my “true style”… but they are so dang cool!!!  I had originally wanted them for the living room, but they are not at all right in that space.

I’m thinking that on our desks in our soon-to-be-office they could be great, so I’ll hang onto them for now…

To give you a little visual, this is sort of how I see them playing out in the office…

I’m not ready to let go of the lamps yet, but I know I need to make some decisions soon!!

What do you think?


Or do they need to go back to the store?

Nate Berkus at Target

I was able to get myself over to Target over the weekend, and came across some VERY empty shelves.  I thought to myself, this is odd… and then realized… this is where the Nate Berkus collection had been… before it sold out… in A DAY.

Needless to say that I didn’t leave with much since the shelves were picked clean, but I am absolutely DYING over this little chevron urn, and that awesome asymmetrical lamp.  I’m actually kicking myself for not getting an adorable hammered metal bowl – perfect for holly berries, holiday sweets, or even a small hand soap in the bathroom.

Did anyone else have better luck than me??