Post Vacation Blues

Now that we have been home from our trip to Hawaii for several days, I am experiencing the post-excitement let down.  The excitement of having something to look forward to has passed, but the silver lining here is that I have been spending hours pouring over all the pictures we took.

I could be a member of the paparazzi for the number of photos I ended up snapping.  Kris kept making fun of me, but years from now, we will look back with our kids on this fun impromptu trip, our great tans, and our the fabulous sunsets.  Seriously – everything was better in Hawaii – even the license plates had rainbows on them!

Nine days is the perfect amount of time to be in Hawaii.  We were able to split our time between the two islands, and while there is a ton to do, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want.  We stayed close to Diamond Head on Oahu, and while we never ventured over to the beaches, or hiked to the top, it was so relaxing to be out of the hustle-bustle of the downtown in Waikiki.  We got up early each day, sat out on the deck, laid out on the beach, and soaked up the sun (and mai-tais).  The surf was great while we were there, and I even got to rent a board and take a private lesson… (private lesson with my honey bunny that is).  He was a great teacher – very patient, and of course very cute 🙂

Maui on the other hand was pure relaxation… the sunsets were absolutely breathtaking, and this part of the trip was really about re-connecting, and re-charging.  Kris is not the type to sit on a beach (or by a pool) with a book, but we napped, relaxed, and ate… A LOT.  The main event for the evenings was watching the sunset with a cocktail, and listening to the live music in time to the waves.  Kaanapali is absolutely fabulous, and we’d walk along the promenade passing the main hotels and condos near Whalers Village, indulged in plenty of shave ice and frozen yogurt.  The snorkeling was extremely cool – we saw sting rays, sea turtles, and a plethora of tropical fish.  Luckily, I invested in a waterproof camera, and CANNOT WAIT to see if those photos came out!

Some favorite moments….

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